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OTC 2465 Sling and Swathe Shoulder Immobilizer


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This popular support is designed to restrict movement in and around the shoulder by reducing abduction and arm rotation. The lightweight materials, generous hook and loop closures and reversible design result in a product that is simple to apply, comfortable to wear, and suitable for most adult figure types.


• Lightweight padded components provide excellent immobilization and wearing comfort

• Sling and swathe are easily adjusted to fit a wide range of adult and adolescent figures

• Swathe can be easily positioned in desired location with proper compression

• Full contact hook and loop closure system

• Reversible for use with either right or left arm


1. For best results, the garment should be worn over a T-shirt. Unfasten all closures and adjustments.

2. Position the body swathe over the ribs so that the top edge is right below the breast line. Fasten the hook and loop closure snugly, but not too tight.

3. Fasten the shoulder strap and adjust for comfort.

4. Wrap the upper arm cuff around the arm and fasten snugly.

5. Center hand and wrist inside wrist cuff and fasten to body swathe so that the elbow is flexed approximately 90°. When properly applied, the shoulder immobilizer should comfortably cradle the arm and should not interfere with normal respiration.

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Weight 0.091 kg
Dimensions L 6.35 x W 35.56 x H 14.61 (cm)



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