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Premium Short Leg Walker – Poly Bag- 1791


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The OTC 1791 premium short leg walker is suitable, affordable alternative to the short leg cast that is comfortable, stable and easy to apply and adjust. It includes a molded foot piece with bilateral contoured struts, one boot wrap, three contact closure encircling leg straps, two contact closure foot straps, and application instructions.


• Wide low profile base for extra stability

• A suitable and affordable alternative to the short leg cast

• Rocker bottom is specially engineered to be low and wide to help promote a natural and stable gait

• Wraparound sole absorbs heel strike for comfortable walking

• Non-skid sole runs from heel to toe, increasing traction and normalizing walking gait

• Contoured struts conform and adjust to the wearer’s leg

• Uprights molded onto foot plate to form a single piece

• Comfortably padded boot wrap

• Simple and easy contact closure and adjustment

• Shock absorbing sole reduces impact from heel strike to improve comfort during ambulation

• Breathable and washable fabric liner with four additional pads included- can be positioned anywhere for additional comfort

• Latex free

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