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OTC 2882 Theratex Lumbosacral Support


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The OTC 2882 Theratex Lumbosacral Support has a sporty, non-clinical appearance and is made from high quality knitted elastic fabric that molds around body contours. It is lightweight for cool, comfortable wear and provides natural and effective relief of lower back pain. It is tapered in front for optimum wearing comfort, and can be worn undetected under clothing. The ten inch back panel with flexible stays covers the entire lower back area for maximum therapeutic benefit. The ribbed web elastic side pulls mold around body contours for a comfortable, custom fit. The strong non-elastic front panel features non-abrasive fastening and adjustment.

Use For: Support and compression for sprains and strains of the lower back and abdomen

Product Features

• 10” back panel with flexible stays covers lower back area for maximum therapeutic benefit

• Combination of knitted and ribbed elastic components in dynamic and varied patterns

• Strong non-elastic front panel with non-abrasive fastening and adjustment


1. The garment should be applied in a standing position.

2. Unfasten all closures.

3. Position the garment around the lower back so that the bottom edge is at the widest part of the hips.

4. Use hand grip to fasten overlapping front panels.

5. Grasp both side pull straps simultaneously and tighten for proper compressive support.

6. Be sure that, when sitting, the garment does not bind the groin area and that it does not ride up on the torso.

7. When properly applied, the support should fit snug but not so tight that it deeply depresses the skin.

Additional information

Weight 0.136 kg
Dimensions L 32.39 x W 14.61 x H 6.35 (cm)

L, M, S, XL


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