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Drive Bariatric Seat belt


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Drive Medical Bariatric Wheelchair Seat Belt

Seatbelts are mostly only linked with traveling, that too on cars and airplanes. Whenever anyone thinks of a seatbelt, they assume being in a car or plane. Rarely, people associate safety straps with wheelchairs, even though a wheelchair is also a commonly used means of transportation. In fact, securing a person sitting in a wheelchair with a seat harness can be extremely important at times.

Many people who use a wheelchair can easily come across an unexpected hurdle, requiring them to stop propelling forward. And in that case, having a lap belt keeping them snug in people will save them from the following jerky leap off the seat. Hence a comfortable safety strap can make a world of difference in a wheelchair user’s security and confidence. That said, wheelchairs don’t generally come with a built-in harness to tuck in the user, but you can find one separately, such as this Drive Medical Bariatric Wheelchair Seatbelt with a hook and loop fastener type closure. It’s an excellent accessory for wheelchair users and not just those who use Drive Medical’s wheelchairs. It works with all leading wheelchairs on the market. If you do not have a Drive Medical wheelchair, you don’t need to worry about getting one just to use the bariatric seat belt; whichever one you have will work just fine with this product.

Super easy to attach, the Drive Medical Bariatric Wheelchair Seatbelt can accommodate all waist sizes up to 60″, which means overweight people or patients recovering from abdominal surgery can safely secure themselves to a wheelchair using this product.


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